Gravel Rides up to 300km 23-24 August 2019 Delémont – Jura Switzerland

Choose your ride!

The 300 km Jeroboam, 150 km Magnum and 75 km Standard offer a perfect blend of physical challenge and fun on fantastic gravel roads while the 37.5 km Demi family ride is open to cyclists of all ages.


More than a gravel ride, a journey beyond — Jeroboam 300 sends you on the paths, dirt roads and a bit of asphalt along the Jura mountain range. the route (which is to be confirmed) will flirt with the French border, heading south-west. An immersive 300 km, at one with nature. It will be a rewarding challenge with some epic sections and scenic routes. We promise to try to keep it rolling more than climbing all the way!


The Magnum 150km route will feature some of the paths and roads of its big sister, the Jeroboam 300, but will make a U-turn a bit quicker to spare your legs and spirit. Most of it will be on gravel roads.


Shorter is not always easier. That said, the 75km distance will give each of you a great taste of gravel...not just in a figurative way! The route will explore the canton Jura and the Delémont valley.


Short and intense gravel ride looping around Delémont. There will be options to choose from allowing you to go easier and bring the kiddos along.


Jura welcomes you with open arms, the ride is challenging but extremely beautiful! Do not underestimate it since it is tougher than expected!



Ever wonder where that left dirt road would take you if you were riding an all-rounder? What does "gravel" exactly mean? Originally it was a road surface.

Then it became a type of bike capable of much more than just riding on gravel. Now above all "gravel" is a way of cycling: discovering new places & people and the fun on the journey rather than just getting to the finish line fast.


Not only riding…

Not just riding, but also spending time with friends and other cycling enthusiasts.

Jeroboam events always feature an expo area, a space to socialize with good music and interesting stories. Besides, there will be some animations for kids.


Eat pasta ride fasta

Cycling means burning a lot of calories and we are not convinced an energy bar or gel is the best way to refuel.

You will be able to discover some regional specialities...or stick to the classic pasta.


Good recovery and more…

It is well known that there is no better cure for insomnia than a long ride.

There is a proper camping area nearby and if it is too rough for you, we will be happy to assist you in finding the right place to stay.


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